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May 16, 2014 Renee Masur

Krystal D’Costa is an urban anthropologist and writer. She writes for Anthropology in Practise, her personal interest blog that was picked up by Scientific American. She writes about a range of topics including online dating, food consumption, altruism, and the everyday behaviours of people. She is also the production director of Tenthwave, a digital advertising agency. She lives and works in New York City.  

“You can do anything with an anthropology degree. And that is not in any way meant to cheapen the nature of the degree. But what it teaches you is to look for the underlying systems and patterns of connectivity. And with that you can create great foundations for working with groups.”

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The True Calling Series is a weekly video interview with extraordinary people who have found work they feel they were born to do. Have a look into their world and find out where they got started, lessons learned, and what their work is really like.

Krystal D'Costa - Urban Anthropologist & Writer

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