How to Find My Passion (When I Don’t Feel Passionate about Anything)

June 4, 2014 Deppy Thompson

We all know that there are some incredibly fortunate people on this earth that have always been sure of what they want to do with their lives. They have that passion the rest of us seek to find, and it’s that passion that guides them through life. What an amazing gift, but annoying at the same time for those of us that struggle to feel even an inkling of passion for any one thing.

It’s a frustrating feeling not knowing what path to take. It’s almost embarrassing to not know what you’re passionate about. After all, we’re told by countless articles and career coaches to simply find our passion and pursue it, but no one tells us what to do when we feel ‘passionless’. Drifting through life in a stuck and confused state, we tread water and wait for any sign to tell us what direction to go in.

It sometimes really helps to ask a few simple but introspective questions to help shake us up a little bit inside and find some answers. We are all meant to do something. We all have an authentic gift to give this world. Somehow we have lost our sense of ‘self.’ In the process, it can feel like we don’t have anything of substance to contribute, which is absolutely untrue. 

Here are four questions that you may want to ask yourself to help you clear your head, find what you love to do, and get rid of that stuck feeling.

1. How old do I feel?

If your answer is that you physically feel ‘really old and tired,’ then it makes sense that your inner self, your spirit, feels worn out and tired as well. This is not the state of mind that will make you feel passionate and mentally clear about anything, as feeling old and tired zaps any desire to do or to think. 

A tired body, mind and heart needs to be taken care of and nurtured. Take the time to rest and rejuvenate; make it a priority in your life. 

2. What kind of thoughts am I having?

Sometimes we think too much, so much so that we muddle our brain and fog up our vision. This happens when we try and figure and sort things out. If we are thinking that our future isn’t clear and that our future seems bleak, navigating out of that is going to be tough, as the mind usually manifests what it thinks. We all have illusions of who we are and what we’re capable of doing. We limit ourselves within these illusions, creating fake barriers that don’t even exist. 

If we don’t feel like we’re brave enough to do something, the only way to develop courage within ourselves is to act brave until we start feeling and thinking that we’re brave. 

3. What am I good at?

I bet you can list 10 things you aren’t good at, or things you need to work on. I bet it won’t take you any time at all to list them. We all have assumptions about how others judge us. Note that these are our assumptions, and not their judgements. But we put ourselves down nonetheless for things that we perceive to be ‘not good enough’ or ‘not impressive enough’ to others.

In the case of finding our passion, it could be that what we feel a strong connection to doing, is something that we feel we will be judged on as not exciting enough, or not smart enough, or not original enough. Instead of looking to impress other people (who cares about other people anyways, they’re too busy worrying about their own issues), look to make yourself happy. 

List 10 things you’re good at; there is nothing too trivial, too unimpressive or too boring. Practice looking at yourself in a positive, authentic light instead of in a judgemental, negative way.

4. How much do I use the word ‘but’?

Sometimes there are ideas that come into our heads and we say ‘Oh ya! I could do that!’ This is usually followed with ‘but…’ and then a few very convincing reasons why that idea would never work. The word ‘but’ is the perfect escape. It means we don’t have to actually do anything about our idea, because if we do take action, we may fail, and if we fail, we would look like an idiot, and who wants to be seen as that? Nope, better to be safe and come up with reasons why ‘not’. Phew…so much safer.

Next time you find yourself saying ‘yes, but..’ ask yourself if the excuses you come up with are genuinely insurmountable excuses. No? Then do it! Throw fear out the window and take a chance!


What questions help you identify your passion? Tell us in the comments below!

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