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March 25, 2014 Renee Masur

Dan Barham is a photographer, filmmaker, and cinematographer. With a strong background in mountain biking, he captures the spirit of the sport in his photographs. His work tells stories, most of which take place in the natural outdoor settings of our world. Originally from the UK he now lives resides in North Vancouver, BC. 

“I love photography…there’s always room for ambiguity or personal interpretation, whereas with a film, you kind of grab people and you hold there eyes open and say ‘this how I want you to feel right here’…You have a lot of control. I like that a lot.”

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Dan Barham Photography
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The True Calling Series is a weekly video interview with extraordinary people who have found work they feel they were born to do. Have a look into their world and find out where they got started, lessons learned, and what their work is really like.


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