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April 16, 2014 Renee Masur

Danielle Brigida is the Senior Manager of Social Strategy and Integration at the National Wildlife Federation. She plans the social media strategy for the organization. Her mission is to spread knowledge about preserving wildlife offline using online resources. Currently, she lives in Reston, Virginia.

“I think one of the neat things about engaging with a group of people is that it’s not just you looking out for yourself—it’s like a Meerkat population where everybody takes turns finding the threat or the opportunity.”

Mentioned in this talk: 
National Wildlife Federation
Dear Ranger Rick on Tumblr
Danielle on Twitter @starfocus

The True Calling Series is a weekly video interview with extraordinary people who have found work they feel they were born to do. Have a look into their world and find out where they got started, lessons learned, and what their work is really like.

Audio version of True Calling Series Interview


Danielle Brigida - NWF

Danielle Brigida and a Rhino

Danielle Brigida giving a presentation

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